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Choosing a carpet

With so much choice choosing the right carpet can be a daunting prospect. Luckily for us modern manufacturing techniques and technology mean that even the cheaper carpets are of reasonable quality.

How Long For?

One of the most important points to consider when choosing the type of carpet is how long you want a the carpet to last. This in turn depends on the quality and type of carpet along with its usage and hence its location. Taking all of these into account will let you asses the suitability each carpet and prevent you having to replace you carpet to soon.
As you might expect you can expect to pay more for higher quality carpets. These are most suitable for areas where you might expect high wear, such as the hallways and dinning areas. In other parts of the home where usage is infrequent you may be able to save some of your hard earned cash be selecting a slightly lower grade of carpet. The end use of a carpet is always useful in determining how quickly a carpet will wear and you can always ask for advice from your local retailer.

Wool or Man Made?

It’s important to note that you don’t have to choose between Wool or Man Made Fibers but can opt for a blend of the two.

Wool typically produces a quality carpet that is luxurious, soft and spongy to the touch. It is also to keep clean and resists water penetration to a certain extent. Because to the time a labour needed to produce a wool carpet can be far greater than synthetic fibres wool carpets are typically more expensive.

The most popular man made (or synthetic) fibres to make carpet from is Nylon, but Olefin, Polyester carpets are also common. The most noticeable difference between wool and a man made fibre carpet will be price. Due to the way man made fibres are produced they can cost considerably less. Nylon is the most durable of the synthetics and also the popular. It is wear resistant and resilient. It is also resistant to stains and comes in a wide range of colours making it an excellent alternative to wool.

You can of course choose a blend of Nylon and wool which will reduce the cost of your carpet at the expense of a bit of the luxuriousness that comes with a pure wool carpet, but its worth bearing in mind that it will also gain some of the durability and stain resistance that comes from Nylon carpets.

Hopefully this quick introduction will help you when you start to make your choices about a new carpet. Come back as we add more advice and tips on carpets and other flooring materials.

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